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Non Magnetic Stabilizer

Integral non magnetic stabilizer are made from one solid forging of non magnetic steel. The material is high purity Chromium Manganese Austenitic stainless steel.

Product Introduction

Oreqma has the capacity to produce Non Magnetic Stabilizer up to Crown OD 26”.

Mechanical Properties                      Magnetic Permeability

Tensile Strength: min 120KSI               Max: 1.01

Yield Strength: min 100KSI                  Average: 1.005

Hardness: min 285HB

When ordering stabilizers, pls specify:

    1.     Type of Stabilizer (String or Near bit)

    2.     Crown OD / Hole Size

    3.     Fishing Neck OD and Length

    4.     Wall Contact Length

    5.     Blade Width

    6.     Tong Length

    7.     Angle from Crown to Neck

    8.     Overall Length

    9.     Type of Hard facing

         10.  Material (Steel or Non Mag)