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Non Magnetic Drill Collar

The material is high purity austenitic stainless steel.Strict control of chemical composition and special forging process guarantee the excellent mechanical properties.

Product Introduction

Corrosion resistance requirement: All non magnetic products can pass the corrosion test specified in ASTM A 262 Practice E.

Non Magnetic Properties:

Relative Permeability: Max 1.005

Hot Spot / Field Gradient: MAX ±0.05μT

Special Treatment on ID: Roller Burnishing.
(After roller burnishing, a compressive layer come into being),

Advantages are as following:

Increase the corrosion resistance properties;

Increase the surface hardness of bore up to HB400;

Increase surface finish of bore to Ra≤3.2 μm

Test and Inspection carried out on each bar during production of NMDC, Stabilizer and MWD parts:

Chemical Composition;

Tensile Test;

Impact Test;

Hardness Test;

Metallographic Test (Grain Size);

Corrosion Test (According to ASTM A 262 Practice E);

Ultrasonic Test over the whole length of the bar (According to ASTM A 388);

Relative magnetic permeability Test;

Hot spot Test

Dimensional Inspection